A Page of Punk - A Fool's Punk Line LP
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A Page of Punk - A Fool's Punk Line LP

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Released to coincide with their UK tour, the brand new album from crazy Japanese speed punks 'A Page Of Punk
49 new songs!

A Page of Punk are a frighteningly explosive, 100% energy, raw punk rock band from Tokyo. Formed in 2001, they have played a prominent and hugely active role in the Japanese underground Punk Scene for over 12 years. There are 3 albums to date, (on Japanese/U.S.&U.K labels) all using their distinctive A5, 30 page booklet format. Their short & fast manic punk rock aligns perfectly with abrasive vocals covering issues mainly concerned with political & social injustice & inequality and also about just how god-damn much they love punk rock!

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