Boats - Black and White LP
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Boats - Black and White LP

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Modern Action says:

Anything worth a squirt of piss is worth waiting for, or something like that? Back in 2011, the very ambitious BOATS! recorded this gem of an LP in the heart of the east bay by a guy in very popular band we’ll call MTX. In early 2012 during a binge drinking blackout, a pre-rehab version of a very popular east bay guy we’ll call BJA from another very popular east bay band we’ll call GD promised Boats! to release this gem of an LP on his label that we’ll call AR. By Mid 2012, the ambitious band grew tired of empty promises from a continuously drunken and incoherent BJA and his gang of drunken yahoos over at AR. The ambitious BOATS! in an effort to speed up the release of this gem of an LP, then made the fateful decision of teaming up with another gang of drunken, lying yahoos from a label that we’ll call MAR. By early 2013, the drunken, lying yahoos at MAR were able to piece together a few tour copies (34 to be exact) of this gem of an LP for Boats! 2013 pink winter blizzard tour that kicked off in Sonoma on St. Patricks Day! In the ensuing weeks, after sitting on the MAR HQ porch through a treacherous storm, the remaining copies of this gem of an LP quickly became water logged, soggy and for lack of a better description – ruined. The drunken, lying yahoos at MAR quickly (relatively speaking) replaced the ruined copies and quickly (relatively speaking) placed them into the trunk of Larry’s 1968 dodge coronet to be transported to the MAR HQ. Unbeknownst to the ambitious BOATS!, Larry and the 1968 coronet literally vanished off the face of the earth for the next 18 months. The drunken, lying MAR stooges continued on putting out records without Larry while secretly spending the last 18 months desperately searching for the coronet and the BOATS! records whereabouts. All the while continuously promising false release dates to the once ambitious BOATS! Little did BOATS! know that 2015 would turn out to be THE year. In early January 2015, just when they had given up all hope that this gem of an LP would ever see the light of day, an old man and his grandson were on their way to a local fishing hole and came across the totaled coronet in a ditch near Larry’s old campsite. Although Larry still hasn’t been located, a crowbar and sledgehammer uncovered the BOATS! records perfectly preserved in the trunk and aging like a fine wine. After the discovery, the plan was to release this record on the 2-year pink winter blizzard tour anniversary this St Pattys day (2015), but we figured enough was enough and due to the bands love of all things pink and precious, we decided to release this gem of an LP EARLY on valentines day! As with previous BOATS! releases they are not ashamed to wear their Briefs influence on their sleeves but this time they’ve added a little more muscle to the recipe (and we’re not just talking about David and his gym membership). This time they have stepped up their game, stepped up their production, stepped up their songwriting and recorded their 10 very best songs to date. This gem of an LP contains 10 short, fast, killer jabs to the teabags containing no breaks and no filler material. It is worth the wait! We truly apologize to BOATS! who have taken everything in stride and have not complained throughout this entire debacle! 


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