Daylight Robbery - Red Tape 7"
Residue Records

Daylight Robbery - Red Tape 7"

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After releasing one of the best punk/garage rock EPs last year, Daylight Robbery doesn’t let up a notch on this hot new 3 song recording. The A-side takes off with classic Dangerhouse- style punk with male/female vocals that bend and weave together in subtle melodic harmonies. Comparisons come and go with everything from X to Guerilla Angreb to Gun Club, but Daylight Robbery has this way of blending in more than just influences or retro/classic punk. The B-side (Circles) is one of the most haunting and atmospheric tracks that climbs to an almost insane intensity that underlines this whole EP. Red Tape will no doubt turn heads and have you hoping for a future Daylight Robbery full-length LP.

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