New Junk City/ Robot (Re)Pair - Split 7"
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New Junk City/ Robot (Re)Pair - Split 7"

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New Junk City- scratchy pop punk from Atlanta. New Junk City is a soulful scratchy super catchy poppy punk band from Atlanta Georgia. The music makes my mind imagine class. Like dapper dudes with perfect hair drinking martini’s in fancy hotel bars talking to fancy ladies, later driving shitty cars back to cramped single room apartments in a bad part of town. Ex members of Bad Mammals.

Robot (Re)Pair- southwest sandstorm of garage-tinged pop punk from Tempe Arizona. Piss attitude, energy, subtle and explosive. It’s hard not to imagine the sun blaring in your eyes, driving down the endless concrete, millions of people surrounding you at all times, boxed in a sprawling frying pan of a desert city and not feel the alienation. But good times too ya know. Ex members of Rumspringer and Yami.

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