Younger Lover, The - Rock Flawless LP
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Younger Lover, The - Rock Flawless LP

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BRONTEZ PURNELL is not only the head of THE YOUNGER LOVERS, he writes the Shes over it!? column for MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL zine and hes got his own dance ensemble Brontez Dance Company. Before he came to Oakland, CA he lived in Triana, Alabama and Chattanooga, Tennessee, where he released a zine called SCHLEPP,
after moving to California he started a new zine called FAG SCHOOL, he played in guitar in the band PANTY RAID with Seth Bogart a.k.a. HUNX, both joined the band GRAVY TRAIN!!! and after they broke up and HUNX moved on Brontez started THE YOUNGER LOVERS. So far THE YOUNGER LOVERS put out one EP called California Soul recorded and produced by former high-school pal Vice Cooler (Hawney Troof, XBXRX) in the basement of Club Short, and later the Newest Romantic LP, recorded and produced one drunk summer at Sugar Mountain by Brian Hammy Hamilton / THE FLESHIES. The new record has been recorded and mixed by Matthew Melton (BAREWIRES, SNAKEFLOWER 2). 

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